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Jiaxing Keyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is famous China CNG Air Filters Manufacturers and LPG Air Filters factory established in 2012. It is specialized in the research and development and sales of wholesale CNG/LPG Air Filters and smart homes. At Keyuan, we have established cooperative relationships with customers based on mutual trust to reflect the core values of our team. At present, we have established sales channels in more than 30 countries around the world. A complete product service system ensures that we provide end customers with the most competitive products and services.
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Knowledge extension of the industry:
CNG/LPG enters the body from the inlet of the filter, and filters the impurities in the gas through the internal filtering. The clean gas comes out from the other end. It is an important equipment of the gas transmission and distribution system, the filter is installed between the pressure reducer and injector nozzle.

CNG/LPG Air Filters are a type of air filter specifically designed to filter the air that is fed into the engine of a vehicle running on CNG or LPG. These CNG/LPG Air Filters are typically made of a special type of material that is able to filter out impurities and contaminants that may be present in the compressed or liquefied gas, such as dust, moisture, and oil. They are designed to remove these impurities to ensure that the engine receives clean and dry air, which can help to improve engine performance and extend the life of the engine.
The CNG/LPG air filters are typically installed in the air intake system of the vehicle, between the fuel tank and the engine. They are typically designed to be replaced periodically, depending on the CNG/LPG Air Filters Manufacturers recommendations and the conditions of use. It is recommended to check and replace the air filter at the same time as the vehicle's regular maintenance schedule.
CNG/LPG air filters are an important component of a CNG/LPG conversion kit and are designed to meet the specific needs of CNG/LPG engines. It is important to use the appropriate filter for the type of fuel your vehicle is using, as using the wrong filter may result in reduced engine performance or damage to the engine.

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