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Jiaxing Keyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is famous China Timing Advance Processor Manufacturers and Timing Advance Processor factory established in 2012. It is specialized in the research and development and sales of wholesale Timing Advance Processor and smart homes. At Keyuan, we have established cooperative relationships with customers based on mutual trust to reflect the core values of our team. At present, we have established sales channels in more than 30 countries around the world. A complete product service system ensures that we provide end customers with the most competitive products and services.
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Knowledge extension of the industry:
It optimizes the lighting times of the engine spark plugs to improve the carburation.
As a consequence, vehicle performance improves especially on acceleration and low loads.
The T.A.P. installation is optional

A Timing Advance Processor (TAP) is a component of a cellular network that is responsible for adjusting the timing of a mobile device's radio transmissions to align with the network's base station. This helps to reduce interference and improve the overall performance of the network. The Timing Advance Processor is typically implemented in the base station or in the mobile device itself. Timing Advance Processor uses information from the network's timing reference, as well as measurements of the mobile device's radio signal, to calculate and apply the necessary timing adjustments.

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