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Jiaxing Keyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is famous China CNG Map Sensor Manufacturers and LPG Map Sensor factory established in 2012. It is specialized in the research and development and sales of wholesale CNG/LPG Map Sensor and smart homes. At Keyuan, we have established cooperative relationships with customers based on mutual trust to reflect the core values of our team. At present, we have established sales channels in more than 30 countries around the world. A complete product service system ensures that we provide end customers with the most competitive products and services.
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Knowledge extension of the industry:
MAP Sensors uses high quality sensors and electronic Component to ensure the fast 
And precise in formation transfer to the electronic control unit

A CNG/LPG Map Sensor is a device that is used to measure the intake manifold pressure in a vehicle that runs on CNG or LPG. The map sensor, which stands for manifold absolute pressure sensor, is typically installed in the intake manifold of the engine and it provides the engine control unit (ECU) with information about the pressure of the incoming air.
The information provided by the map sensor is used by the ECU to control the air-fuel ratio and to adjust the engine's performance and emissions. In CNG/LPG vehicles, the CNG/LPG Map Sensor is used to measure the pressure of the fuel in the intake manifold, which is different from the pressure in the fuel storage tank.
The CNG/LPG map sensor is an important component of a CNG/LPG conversion kit, as it allows the ECU to adjust the engine's performance to match the characteristics of the alternative fuel. CNG/LPG Map Sensor Manufacturers is designed to be compatible with CNG/LPG fuel systems and must be properly calibrated to ensure accurate and reliable readings.
It's important to use the correct type of map sensor for your vehicle and fuel system. Using an incompatible map sensor may cause the engine to run poorly or not at all, and can also damage the engine and void the vehicle's warranty.

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